Start Small.

ColhounTech Studio (CT Studio) is a Software Development consultancy, that specializes in building Web Application using C#, .NET Core, Blazor, Azure and all things Microsoft. 

If you are looking for a remote partner to help complement your team, then let’s start a conversation.

Welcome To CT Studio

Every successful business needs a team. A team works together in order bring a creative solution to a well understood problem. Without the team, there is only the potential. In today’s fast pacing world, however, as corporations get larger and larger, the team size is getting smaller and smaller. In the near future, we will be operating with global organisations that outsource most of their non-critical roles to small teams with expertise and focus. And in doing so, we will see a huge emergence of specialist micro-businesses, experts than have the focus and attention to address your most pressing wants and needs.

ColhounTech is one such business, and prides itself in being a small core team, with an outreach of hundreds.