Script to set Widows Display Scale to 150%

I’m working on am open source Control and Docking Framework for .NET Core WinForms on Windows 11 called AcrylicUI, and it’s turned out to be a real pain to get high DPI resolution setting tested. A common activity I have is to change my second monitor from 100% scaling to 150% scaling and then test how a control adapts when being dragged from the first display set to 100% scaling to the second display set to 150% scaling.

Today, I found a great tool called SetDpi that allows me to change the Display Scaling per monitor from the Command Line.

Here is a quick intro from the GitHub Page.

How to use

It takes up to 2 parameters, first being the monitor ID, which you get from windows display settings, if you click identify it shows you the no.

SetDPI.exe [monitor no] [DPI scale value]

To set 2nd monitor to a scale value of 250,

SetDPI.exe 2 250

The author even has pre-builds availble for download

Download SetDpi here

Thank you @lihas