az monitor app-insights’ is misspelled or not recognized by the system.

trying to delete app insights using the Azure CLI

az monitor app-insight

But got this error

app-insights' is misspelled or not recognized by the system.

The solution is to install the app-insights extension first

az extension add -n application-insights

Now I can delete the app-insights resource on zure

az monitor app-insights component delete --app azfnv4 -g ms-learn

Notice that if you delete an Application Insights resource, the associated Failure Anomalies alert rule doesn’t get deleted automatically. you have to manually delete the alert rules with the following Azure CLI command:

az resource delete --ids <Resource ID>

for example:

az resource delete --ids "/subscriptions/00000-00000-0000-000/resourceGroups/ms-learn/providers/microsoft.alertsmanagement/smartDetectorAlertRules/Failure Anomalies - azfnv4"

You can get the id by listing all the resource in a resource group.

for example:

az resource list --resource-group ms-learn