GitHub markdown how to annotate Tip: and Note:

I’ve wanted to add a GitHub markdown note box for a while but it wasn’t supported. I do know that Microsoft Docs allows you to do this with the following code, but it isn’t supported by GitHub Markdown.

> [!NOTE]
> Information the user should notice even if skimming.

> [!TIP]
> Optional information to help a user be more successful.

> Essential information required for user success.

> Negative potential consequences of an action.

> Dangerous certain consequences of an action.

I saw a post recently from GitHub that announced that they now supported Note: annotation in GitHub markdown, but try as I might, I could not find the tweet or an announcement on the website.

Here is what you need to do: Indent as a quoted text and surround Note with 2 asterisks

> **Note**
> Add your Note here
> and Remember if you use underscores
> Then make sure you escape them like this : \_

If you find the announcement, please tweet at me


[Markdown] An option to highlight a “Note” and “Warning” using blockquote (Beta) · Discussion #16925 · github-community/community