Micheal Colhoun. Founder ColhounTech and CT Studio

About Me

Every successful business needs a team. A team works together in order bring a creative solution to a well understood problem. Without the team, there is only the potential. In today’s fast pacing world, however, as corporations get larger and larger, the team size is getting smaller and smaller. In the near future, we will be operating with global organisations that outsource most of their non-critical roles to small teams with expertise and focus. And in doing so, we will see a huge emergence of specialist micro-businesses, experts than have the focus and attention to address your most pressing wants and needs.

ColhounTech is one such business, and prides itself in being a small core team, with an outreach of hundreds.

Hello, My name is Micheal Colhoun and I started ColhounTech in 2011 after over 15 years working in the Information Technology Industry. I have worked in many diverse roles in many diverse places, not just in Ireland and UK, but in Europe, Russia and the US. I have worked on every single part of the software lifecycle, from analysis, architecture and design, development, project management, testing, deployment, and retirement.

I have worked on diverse technologies such as early prototypes of the touchscreen kiosks you see everywhere today, card-reader technologies we now all use every day in retail stores, to GPS technology, Real Time Systems, embedded systems and Graphical 3D Immersive Environments. I have worked in many different sectors, from Retail & Hospitality, to Education, Tourism, Marketing and Advertising, Finance and Human Resources. I have been involved in many start-ups, both as technology specialist, and as principle.

Over this period, I have built a large network of professionals – both friends and colleagues and domain experts from all over the world. Using the social media tools and the power of the internet, these domain experts and specialists provide valuable resources, information, knowledge and skill to complement my own experience, allowing me to solve problems by being smart, rather than by lowering cost of labour, or working harder. Together we can solve anything!

Let’s Team up.